Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Top 10 sites running on Google App Engine (July 2009)

Two months ago I compiled a toplist with the ten most popular sites running on the Google App Engine (see App Engine top 10, May 2009).

I figured it was time to create a new toplist with update traffic rankings for July 2009. I've used the same methodology as for the May 2009 - that is using Alexa as a proxy (albeit imperfect) for site popularity.

Here is the list of the most popular site running on Google App Engine as of July 8, 2009: The following sites were on the previous top 10 list (compiled May 5, 2009) but did not make it to the updated list:
  • had the number one spot in the last toplist but seems to have moved to Amazon EC2 (!)
  • and are still running on Google App Engine but their Alexa rankings did not allow for a top 10 placement on the new list
Do you believe that I've missed a Google App Engine hosted site that belongs to the top ten list? Please leave a comment! Don't forget to specify the Alexa ranking of the site that you believe should be added to the list. Please also let me know of any false positives in the list above. Well, please let me know if the list can be improved in any way, shape or form.